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3H Massage Bed (Whole Spine)

2 units of massage beds in shop. Exclusive in EU! Massage Whole Spine and Related Inner Organs.

  • 45 minutes
  • 30 British pounds
  • 8 Botolph Alley, London|Wellness Beauty Cafe Center W5 2PJ

Service Description

The “3H intelligent edge heated moxibustion acupressure massage bed” has fused together: the acupressure massage of traditional Chinese medicine, heated moxibustion and the distant infrared ray vibration of modern medicine. This product has acquired five patents, and like Samsung and LG, has received an award from the Korean government. It enables people to alleviate different kinds of painful symptoms before sleeping, alleviating diabetes, high blood pressure and chronic disease, and bettering certain unhealthy states. There are over a hundred different types of illnesses caused by the spinal column. Hanging one’s head to watch computer equipment for long amounts of time, a lack of exercise, all can lead to deformity of the spinal column. Once the spinal column goes out of order, it can lead to an obstruction of the body’s systemic circulation, and can lead to fatigue, muscle acidity and swelling aches and pains, the body feeling cold, partial swelling and numbness, and muscles lacking strength and shrinking and such symptoms. IT has 62 aluminum alloy massage prods; the bed mattress is made up of 80 types of natural ore powder made in the shape of hexagonal ceramics which are manufactured by heating to under 1300 degrees. When heated up it can emit natural distant infrared rays, which coordinate with the acupressure and vibrations, clearing out the toxins and poisons in the body. When using, the acupressure prods can heat up to 70 degrees Celsius, and in a twinkling achieve the effect of moxibustion and deep layered expulsion of toxins on the acupressure points on the back. If you feel very painful, this indicates that the inner organs corresponding to this part of the body is unwell, consequently, the acupressure bed can do an automatic physical examination. For example, many people feel pain when the remote control displays 17 or 18, it is very likely they are afflicted with piles, prostatitis or inflammation of the cervix. To those who are susceptible to soreness, when first using it, they can place some towels to mitigate the acupressure prods force, and after the state of their health improves, their pain will gradually disappear, and the body will also become more and more vigorous and graceful. The 3H acupressure bed simultaneously has warming, massage and distant infrared ray vibration. Buying this bed is same as inviting a doctor of Chinese medicine, a masseur, or a beautician to one’s house!

Contact Details

  • 8 Botolph Alley, London EC3R 8DR, UK


  • 16 The Mall, London W5 2PJ, UK


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