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About Us

TRINITY FSA CORP was set up by two companies’ cooperation in Aug 2021 against the low trend in epidemic. Two Ladies have the same goal to help the world find hope from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).​ Now modern scientists agree that TCM is a good way to treat sub-health and prevent diseases. It helps to adjust human body to the best situation.

Trinityfsa means Trinity For Self Ascend. For Trinity, according to Christian dogma, it means the unity of [Father, Son, Holy Spirit ] as three persons in one Godhead, in ordinary word, it means a group of three closely related things.


In TCM, we often talk about human body hold [ 精 Essence、氣 Energy、神 Spirit],  in order to improve heath, we need work on [身 Body、心 Mind、靈 Soul ], of course, Trinity also have other deep meaning.


Our Logo came from inspiration of a mathematic symbol, a famous phrase from Apple founder Steve Jobs, and our company name’s first capital T.


Turning number 8 down as "∞" to represent the "infinity big" symbol, which was first used in the book "Arithmetic Infinity" (published in 1655) by the Englishman John Wallis.  We add T to form a bicycle.


Jobs once said: condor (bald eagle) is the most efficient animal in the world, humans are far behind, but once a person rides a bicycle, the movement efficiency is twice than condor!


Good use of tools is a great advantage of mankind. We also add the brown annual rings of the tree to represent herbs in the world. Our Logo express our respect to the infinity nature, at same time, we believe human being can use tools to make our life a little bit better.

Trinityfsa means Trinity For Self Ascend, let us help you to gain the best you.


 Serene Feng

Jane Wang 

Jane Wang has experiences on drug development, especially the industrialization of new medicine

More than ten years of media work experience let her

Easily explain the profound

Oriental classical medicine to Westerns

Dr. Serene Feng have PHD degree on

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

She is also a certified herbalist,

More than 20 years of experience has made her

Fruitful in clinical and scientific research

Introduce of Our Services

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