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Multiple food are good for health.

Health Meal

Healthy Meal


Many people think, not eat red meat mainly have vegetables are health meal, but nutrition experts tell,The human body needs to eat meat, because meat provides the necessary fat and protein.


For example, phospholipids are an important component of biological membranes, and proteins are essential nutrients for the synthesis of immune cells. A low-fat diet may lead to metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, or elevated triglycerides, which can increase the risk of heart disease.











The staple food is high in calories, is it easy to gain weight after eating it? In fact, 1 gram of fat produces 9 kilocalories, and 1 gram of carbohydrates only produces 4 kilocalories, which is less than half. The calories of 1 chicken wing are equivalent to a bowl of 150 grams rice. Carbohydrates are the cleanest and most efficient source of energy and provide a feeling of satiety, which is beneficial for weight loss.









Some people think that eating healthy means not being able to eat enough to enjoy the joy and satisfaction that food brings. When it comes to losing weight, many people repeatedly fall into a vicious cycle of excessive restraint and deliberate indulgence, and they struggle inside.


For individuals, eating is something that needs to be learned. People with different physiques should eat different foods, which can be described as "your delicacy, his toxin arsenic".









The diet also needs to be balanced. There is no junk food in the world, the key is on how we use it. Only by referring to the dietary health guidelines of government, comprehensively ingesting nutrients can let the metabolic process proceed smoothly.


In Pureland Wellness & Beauty, we have traditional Chinese medicine doctors, nutritionists, and chefs. According to different physiques and different groups, we provide corresponding meals. For different special needs, such as weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., we will also provide diets with health benefits.

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