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Acupuncture with needles' stimulate to wake up your inner energy to heal illness

Acupuncture & Acupressure 

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Help Me? Following are common problems treated well by TCM.




Asthma, Cold, Flu, Colitis, Constipation, Diarrhea, Edema, Gastritis, Hemorrhoids, Headache, Hypoglycemia, Indigestion, Nausea, Vomiting, Irritable Bowel, Syndrome, etc.


Muscular, Neurological, Skeletal and Vascular:


Sprain, Back Pain, Facial Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Gonitis, Hemiplegia, Omalgia, Neuralgia, Sciatica, Stiff Neck, Sports Injury, Trigeminal, Lumbago (lower back pain), Tennis Elbow, etc.


Mental and Emotional:


Anxiety, Insomnia, Panic Attack, Palpitation, Stress, Addiction to Drugs, Tobacco etc.




Eczema, Acne, Hair Loss, Prurigo (itching), Athlete's Foot and other Fungal Infections, etc.


Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat:


Halitosis (bad breath), Hay Fever, Otitis, Pharyngitis, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Sore Throat, Tinnitus, etc.


Women's Problems:


Anemia, Cysts, Discharges, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Habitual Abortion, Menopausal Symptoms, Morning Sickness, Gynecological Conditions, Premenstrual Tension, etc.


Men's problems:


Prostatitis, Sex Drive Problems, Ejaculation Praecox, Low Sperm Count etc.

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Difference Between Traditional Chinese Medicine & Western Medicine

Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)are two different systems based on different theories. Western medicine focuses on visible cells and tissues, whilst traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the internal characteristics that are invisible to the human eye.


TCM focuses on the circulation of energy (also called Qi) and the five elements of yin and yang characteristics. Electronic devices can now detect the presence of energy channels (also called meridians) as well as acupuncture points, which are the places of least resistance in the meridians.














Western medicine is an empirical science based on symptoms; it is Evidence-based Medicine. Chinese medicine emphasizes the balance of internal factors. 


When different people have the same symptoms, Western medicine gives the same treatment method, while Chinese medicine will give different treatment methods according to different people. Treatment methods, this is called personalized medicine, precision medicine. 


At present, most of the medical circles believe that although TCM and Western medicine are different, they can complement each other.

When a person is sick, Western medicine uses medicines or operations to change surface phenomena such as inflammation and tumor growth, while TCM uses external stimuli such as acupuncture or herbal medicine to clear the blocked meridians, so as to guide smooth circulation of the meridian energy.


The word Acupuncture has two words in Chinese: Needle and Moxibustion. "Needle" means to pierce the human body with very thin needles, and "moxibustion" means to heat the surface of the human body with moxibustion at a fixed point. 



















They use the similar principle: when the human body is stimulated and injured by external objects, the energy and blood will automatically converge to that part out of self-protection. It's like getting a punch on the body, and that place will swell up, that is, the qi and blood will gather in that place to repair the damage caused by that punch. Acupuncture uses the intervention of external force to artificially to open the energy channel blockage.







Chinese medicine treats diseases according to the Chinese Taoist thinking. When a person was ill, same as the boat doesn’t go away, TCM will see where the water is flowing and where the wind is blowing. Or will bring some water over, follow the trend, push the boat lightly, and the boat sails away. It is not people who push the boat away, but the feng shui of nature.













Western medicine is disease medicine. They focus on the sick place, that is, the boat. In the end, the boat is thoroughly researched, and even the boat is disassembled, and sometimes they still can't find the reason why the boat does not move.


When a person has a headache, Western medicine will give him painkillers to prevent the body from feeling the pain, but the root cause of the headache has not been found, while TCM will continue to explore the source, and normally treats the feet for headaches.


When a person has a headache, TCM will pierce a needle in the foot and the headache will be relieved, because there is an internal meridian connecting from head to toe.


Chinese medicine believes that medicine cannot cure disease, only the body's own immunity can cure disease. The main method of TCM is to open up the human body's energy circulation and allow the body's own immunity to treat the disease, rather than using acupuncture and medicine to directly treat the disease. Acupuncture and medicine only play a role in activating the immune system.


At present, Western medicine does not even have special medicines for colds, but only relieving symptoms such as cough and fever, and give time waiting for this person's own immunity improves.


Many people love TCM because they are 100% natural, without any side effects. And TCM can also use daily exercise or health food to prevent illness and achieve longevity.





Following are services we offer, among them, the Unique Meridians Dredging Acupressure Acupuncture 經絡導引按蹺 are our exclusive services in UK.


Human body has 6 main meridians (Inner Energy Channels), For example, when your left leg hurts, our doctor will press or acupuncture your right hand or arm, to unblock the same energy channel, and relieve pain in the left leg which was injured.

Normally you will feel pain reduced about 50% after 45 mins treatment.

When doctor press your acupuncture points, you might feel extremely pain, that is because your energy channels were blocked too serious for too long time, too many bad body waste was accumulated there. but after doctor release his fingers, your pain will disappear immediately.

Some people might feel pain again after back home, that is normal, because treatment like battle, positive and negative forces are fighting. if your positive energy reduced a lot during dis-continuous treatment gap period, negative force will take over some body part, you will feel pain again. But if you continue your treatment, you will fully recover finally.

You only need 1-3 times treatment for normal ailment, for serious or long term illness, it maybe needs 4-6 times.

Like blood circulation, in our body also have energy circulation, which is called meridian.
Chinese needle and moxibustion, can get rid of negative bad matter.
after hit on mouth, it will swollen, acupuncture also use similar stimulation inside our body
When you feel headache, Chinese doctor will treat your feet, because head and feet are connected with meridian.
Chinese medicine can help you gain longevity.
human illness is similar with boat goy stuck in the mud, blocked there.

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