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Traditional Chinese Medicine 
Facial Beauty & Massage

Professional surveys show:Improve your appearance will bring 5-10% increase of your salary, this is true for both men and women. So we should pay more attention on facial beauty.

We use exclusive methods to achieve beauty from inside to outside. Our Chinese medicine herbals and lymphatic massage, can unblock energy channels, wake up your own power, increase your metabolism to get rid of body waste, let your skin uplift & firm, smooth, fair, glow, remove wrinkles, spots, eyebags, double chin, neck hump etc.


Please note: If your metabolisms have problem, they will reduce the effects, you need more treatment times to become younger, it is better we give you acupuncture & acupressure first, to adjust your metabolism.

We offer many kinds of services to let you become younger:

S5-1: Fermented Herbs Face Head Massage: 

after one hour, you will find you are 3-8 years younger!

S5-2: TCM Cosmetic Acupuncture:

Acupuncture let you beautiful from inside to outside

S5-3: Secret Emperor's Court Skin Recipe:

The reason why Emperor's women are so beautiful


We also have many kinds of beauty products to meet different needs of all ages customers, such as: 

  • Exgyan Series, from £39

  • Korean magic skin care brand Philos PQ 10

  • 48 Collagen laboratory series.

For example, we use fermented extraction form grass named Centella Asiatica. It is said in China when tigers injured in fights will go to the deep forest to find this grass and rub roll on it.






After tiger skin encounters the juice of Centella asiatica, the wounds are quickly repaired and soothed, so it has the name "Tiger Grass". 

Tiger Grass Centella Asiatica good for Skin Repair
Centella Asiatica Grass
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