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Who can and How to Use Massage Bed

3H precaution Safety List

How to use

  1. Before using the equipment, please read the explanation carefully.

  2. To switch on the machine, press the top left red button on the remote control.

3          To establish the temperature of the rising and falling acupressure prods : by pressing the upwards pointing red arrow (for raising the temperature) next to “START”, or the downward pointing red arrow (for lowering the temperature), to set up the temperature of the acupressure prods, this will appear on the first line of the remote control display: the first numerical data on the left is the temperature that has been set, (the average young person can set it to 50 degrees, and the older folk who like hotter temperatures can set it to to 60?). On the right hand side, the second set of numerical data shows the current temperature of the prods. 

  1. Setting the temperature of the bed mattress: First press the On/off button on the second row, then press the red arrowhead pointing upwards to the side of the on/off button, to set the temperature of the bed mattress, this will show on the second row/line of the display of the remote control. On the left is the temperature that has been set up, (in most cases, it can be set to 45 degrees in summer, and 60 in winter?), and on the right hand side of that display line is the current temperature.

  2. Take off your outer garments, sit on the bed, and make sure that the center of your coccyx is above the center line of the last of the rising and falling prods. At this time if you feel the rising and falling prod with your hands, you can find that that the prod has an image on it, whereas the hexagonal ceramic prods are smooth.

  3. When adjusting the upper and lower position of the head; make it so that the first rising and falling prod aligns with the Fengchi acupoint. Reaching downwards perpendicularly from the bottom of the earlobe, should align exactly with the upper part of the first rising and falling prod. 

  4. Upon Pressing the START button, the rising and falling prod starts to rise, and if you then press STOP, the rising and falling prod will stop for a minute. During this time once again make fine adjustments to the placement, ensuring that the top of the first rising and falling prod, exactly holds aloft the  Fengchi acupoint at the right and left hand side of the back of the head.

  5. After a minute, the machine will automatically start to work according to the set 40 minutes bidirectional massage: moving from head to toe, then stopping for ten seconds, and then returning to the head. This process will repeat three times.

  6. When feeling pain in a certain part of the body, the person by the side will, according to the number displayed in the upper right corner of the remote control, in the corresponding table chart, determine what kind of latent illness the patient has. For instance, if the client feels pain upon massaging up to zone 7, then the client might have stomach problems, or his duodenum might have some problems. 

  7. If the client is very sensitive to pain, we can add 1-5 layers of woollen towls on the acupressure prods, or the client can him or herself use both hands or both feet to lift their body up a bit, this way it won’t be painful.

  8. After going through three repetitions, after 40 minutes, the acupressure prods will move to the 18thposition, at the coccyx, and the buzzer will sound twice, thus completing the session.

  9. Because the intensity is great, most clients can only go through one session per day. Upon using it the next time, it will operate according to the temperature set the last time.

  10. When working on the shoulders, the back and the waist, there is a specialised course of massage treatment which lasts for 20 minutes. First select one button out of three, such as WRIST. Upon pressing one of these three position buttons, the system starts on its own accord to massage, and if you press it twice, it will enter into the heated moxibustion mode. If you press the button three times it will stop. 

  11. Supposing you don’t need to use the acupressure mode, and just want to use it as a heated mattress, then press the power button to switch on the remote control, and on its liquid crystal display, the timer (which sets for 8 hours) starts to count backwards, and the display screen shows the massage area that is heated, its status, the temperature of the bed mattress and the set temperature for the acupressure points, the temperature of the electric current at the acupressure point and the current temperature of the mat. The set temperature will automatically be set according to the temperature set the previous time.

15        2          Press the “MAT” button (the “MAT” button and the “prolonged time or set the temperature” will appear in the part of the display showing prolonging time and temperature,  and the mat and acupressure prods will start to  warm up.  The displayed delay time and temperature will be set automatically according to the temperature set last time that is preserved in the system) and set the temperature to the set point preserved from last time.

            3          If needs be, you can use the set up button to readjust the temperature heat

(from 10 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees: set up by increments of 5 degrees Celsius. However, in between 30C and 40 degrees C, it is set in increments of one degree Celsius.)

  1. Storage after use and taking care of the product: Remove the power supply, store the equipment in a dry and ventilated place, using a cloth to cover it, to prevent the accumulation of dust, or from liquid or foreign matter from entering the mat or inside the acupressure pads. Also, it is prohibited to jump or run about on top of the bed mattress.

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