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Stop loss hairs quickly with 100% herbal powder. 




Stop/ reduce hair loss in 1-2 weeks

Prolong hair lifespan

Let hairs bright & strong




Traditional Chinese medicine believes the relationship between hair and blood energy is inseparable. Like growing a plant, when soil has sufficient nutrients, plant will grow stronger and stay alive longer, same as human hair.


If blood energy is not enough, the hair will be prone to dryness, bifurcation, breakage, and even hair loss. It is better to act now to prevent hair loss, the earlier the better.


For majority people , why loss hair?

· Stress, Sleep too late

· On diet, lack of protein

· Lack of Iron-containing food, such as meat

· Skin disorders

· Exposure to toxins

· Unhygienic scalp

· Hormonal variations


This Fix Hair Formula come from ancient Chinese royal beauty secret recipes and modified to confirm with modern people. It is unique to speed inner circulations and effectively bring nutrition to hair follicles.




30 components, including precious medicine herbs such as Zea Mays Starch; Panax Ginseng; Ganoderma Lucidum; Cordyceps etc. All herbs conform to EU herbal import standards.



1 bag of 1 gram concentrated herbal essence,  1 bag for 1 time use, please buy at least 5 bags for first time try.


How to use:


1, Open the bag, add 3 ml warm water.

2, Use brush to stir and make all powder melt in solution.

2, Brush solution on head scalp.

3, Keep 30 minutes or longer, even sleep with it.

4, It is better use finger to do massage on head to accelerate the obsorbation of scalp.

5, Wash hair or have shower to remove herbs.

6,  Repeat the process next day, or two days' later. 




1, Normally one bag a day. Please do not worry the yellow herb powder will make your face become yellow. No, after wash with water, you will find face colour will become whiter & better.


2, If your scalp is very sensitive, reduce the powder amount and use time.


3, This produce can only stop loss hair, if you want grow hair, please use our another product of Growing Hairs. It is much most difficult to grow hairs, so please stop loss hair on time, before situation become much worse.



Stop Loss Hair, Luxury TCM Herbs Powders for Man & Woman

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  • ** How to use:

    1, Take out some powder, (powder amount depends on the spot size, please try 1 bag of 2 gram first )

    2, Add same volume of warm water to form a half solid half liquid paste. Normally just several drops of water is enough:

    3, Put paste on dark spots.

    4, Cover your face with a food plastic wrap film. Open a hole on nose and mouth.  film is long enough to wrap head and keep paste maintain wet for a longer time.

    5, Keep 15-30 minutes. (you can keep longer time if you want better effectiveness, even you can keep overnight with sleep,  or you can continue put a wet tissue on face, or use steamer to keep face wet for a longer time.  The longer the time, the better effectiveness)

    6, Take off the plastic film to let the mask dry.  when it is dry, you will feel tighten on skin. this force will help take out dirty stuff from deep skin. 

    7, Wash off paste with warm water. 

    8, Apply a moisturizing cream. 

    9, Repeat the process next day, or two days later.