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Detox Lose Weight Boost Immune Porridge

Exclusive Powerful Multiple Medical Functions Herbs Sweet or Salted Porridge, Let you Regain Health

  • 15 min
  • 5 British pounds
  • 8 Botolph Alley, London|Wellness Beauty Cafe Center W5 2PJ

Service Description

Do you often catch a cold or constipation? with dark complexion and acne on face? Gaining weight, insomnia, irritability, dreaminess, depression, anxiety, memory loss, distraction, slow thinking? Our Detox and Immunity Boost Vegs Juice can help you solve these problems! Also, if virus return unfortunately, if you got infection, this veg juice can help you get rid of parts of virus, shorten the period of infection! All components are food level, such as beet, apple, ginger etc. Main Functions: 1. Increase and activate probiotics 2. Enhance boost immunity 3. Remove polyps on intestinal wall 4. Relieve or eliminate constipation 5. Reduce or eliminate depression 6. Eliminate old stool and clean intestines 7. Remove dark bad complexion 8. Helps reduce appetite 9. Facilitate weight loss 10. Reduce the times of colds 11. Subtly change eating habits How to take: We already use Juicer machine to make fruits and vegetables into semi-solid semi-liquid pulp, and seal in a 500 ml cup. at price of £4.99 To let the pulp can directly contact the probiotics which attached to the surface of the intestine, try your best to drink all 500ml cup at once before breakfast, or finish within 1-2 hour. It is better drink this pulp every day for 5 days, or at least 2-3 times a week for better & quicker effectiveness. You can buy 5 cups at a time with 20% off and put them in fridge. Symptoms might appear: You might go to toilet after 2-3 hours drinking, because it has a detoxification effect, and will expel out bad substances such as old stool left inside body, necrotic bacteria, polyps on intestinal wall, and stool smell very badly. Some people will emit gas from the body/ fart constantly, because the fruit pulp will activate the probiotics in the intestines and undergoing continuous fermentation reactions, thereby producing a large amount of gas continuously excreted out the body. Some people experience diarrhea, but unlike diarrhea when sick, this kind of diarrhea does not harm your body, and there is no feeling of fatigue after diarrhea, on the contrary, you feel very relax and comfortable. In the first few days, these phenomena will be very strong, and the exhausted things will be very smelly. Later, the exhausted gas will have the aroma fragrant of fermented wine.

Contact Details

  • 8 Botolph Alley, London EC3R 8DR, UK


  • 16 The Mall, London W5 2PJ, UK


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