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We do 3 kinds of tests: Allergy, Meridian blockage, Inner Fat teats,, to help you loss weight

Allergy Test/ Loss Weight

In the world, Trinity is the first company to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physique Examination on a large scale!


Constitution (Physique)refers to a state of existence that a person presents under the influence of congenital and acquired influences, which integrates the characteristics of physical structure, physiological function, and psychological state. 


These individual traits determine your life behaviour, your susceptibility to disease-causing factors, and the course of disease development. 


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Constitutions are divided into 9 types, including Peaceful, Qi-deficiency, Yang-deficiency, Yin-deficiency, Phlegm-dampness, Damp-heat, and Blood stasis. Qi stagnation, Special temperament. 


If a person’s constitution is deviated from Peaceful physique, it is easy to get into state of Sub-Healthy, which is the middle transition state of sickness and health.

Many adults are in sub-health without pay attention, they often feel tired, weakened, poor sleep, indigestion, not interested in things, with dark complexion etc.


We have 2 ways to test your physique situation: online or visit our shop sites.


1, Self-test to answer a form

Physique Device Measure & Report

Please go to our Ealing Broadway branch (16 The Mall, W5 2PJ) to have devices tests, you will get 3 relative reports:


1.   Basic Physique report according to your pulse measurement measured by a smart bracelet.


2.   Body components report, which show information such as your internal fat, muscle ratio etc. You can know whether you are invisible fat.


3.   Doctor will recommend a list of foods that are most suitable for you according to your physique reports. 


4.   We have health kitchen to make out meals for you, you only need book online, we will send healthy meals to your home.

Casual Wear

Lose Weight & Healthy Diets

Remove visceral fat


When the body mass index (BMI) (= weight (kg) divided height (meter) squared) exceeds 24kg/㎡, it signifies obesity, which can bring many health problems. Many people incorrectly think if their BMI is less than 24, then they are healthy. 


In fact, there is a type of obesity called invisible obesity, where the BMI less than 24, but more fat is  stored around the abdomen. 


The fat is mainly stored in the internal organs, which will bring more harm to health! Such as: fatty liver, oily heart, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, depression, infertility, headache, varicose veins amongst other conditions.


Invisible obesity even increases the risk of death by 5-20 times than a person who has healthy internal organs.


Medical professionals say: if obesity is a major killer of cardiovascular health, abdominal obesity would be the sharp edge in the killer’s hands!


How do you know whether there is excess fat?


A simple way is to measure the waist-to-hip ratio:for males,  if it is more than 0.9, for females more than 0.7, that would indicate abdominal obesity. People often say: "The thicker the waist, the shorter the life span."

Another accurate measurement way is by having a body test in our Ealing Broadway Clinic. We have professional instruments to measure your inner fat ratio.








How to remove the extra visceral fat?


We offer serious unique methods: such as 


Lymphatic drainage, 









Probiotic regulation, 






Acupuncture massage 






Health meal



All these can help you lose weight without any struggle.

Waist-hip_ratio can check your inside visceral fat.
Burn Fat Lose Weight Bag Device
Probiotic is important to maintain health body shape
Acupuncture or hot cupping are also help lose weight safely.
Nutrition research multiple dishes in one meal, which is good for health.
Professional body fat scale.

Healthy diets 


What is a healthy diet? Many people have misunderstandings about what a healthy diet is. 





Is it healthy to be vegetarian for a long time? The human body needs to eat meat, because meat provides the necessary fat and protein. For example, phospholipids are an important component of biological membranes, and proteins are essential nutrients for the synthesis of immune cells. A low-fat diet may lead to metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, or elevated triglycerides, which can increase the risk of heart disease.











The staple food is high in calories, is it easy to gain weight after eating it? In fact, 1 gram of fat produces 9 kilocalories, and 1 gram of carbohydrates only produces 4 kilocalories, which is less than half. The calories of 1 chicken wing are equivalent to a bowl of 150 grams rice. Carbohydrates are the cleanest and most efficient source of energy and provide a feeling of satiety, which is beneficial for weight loss.









Some people think that eating healthy means not being able to eat enough to enjoy the joy and satisfaction that food brings. When it comes to losing weight, many people repeatedly fall into a vicious cycle of excessive restraint and deliberate indulgence, and they struggle inside.


For individuals, eating is something that needs to be learned. People with different physiques should eat different foods, which can be described as "your delicacy, his toxin arsenic".











The diet also needs to be balanced. There is no junk food in the world, the key is on how we use it. Only by referring to the dietary health guidelines of government, comprehensively ingesting nutrients can let the metabolic process proceed smoothly.


In Pureland Wellness & Beauty, we have traditional Chinese medicine doctors, nutritionists, and chefs. According to different physiques and different groups, we provide corresponding meals. For different special needs, such as weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., we will also provide diets with health benefits.

Correct meal is important to keep nice skin .
Satisfaction from food  often cause too much eating.

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