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Winter use as air fresher humidifier, Summer use as lavender diffuser, to let your family sleep better! 


Brand new, direct from factory to get best price!



  • This Ultrasonic Air purifier is small size but can cover 40 square meters room.  
  • It provides fresher & cleaner air, especially good for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • It comes with a cute UFO and 7 Colors LEDs.
  • Two nozzles for double humidification, can hold 400 ml water
  •  LED switch between colourful gradient and single warm yellow, creating a romantic atmosphere.
  • Natural water & Nano fine mist, keeping home air fresh and pure.
  • Sleep at ease, Automatic shutdown without water.
  • Double fog with 3 spray modes to choose
  • Low noise ultrasonic with DC brushless motor, quiet care all night
  • Small size can be carried anywhere, from home, office, to travel use
  • Cute design with bear pilot in UFO who is ready to fight


How to use:

  1. Turn the top white part anti- clockwise to open it. 
  2. For last photo you can see two white sticks with cotton wicks inside.
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