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  • Good wearing feeling: the pull rod of this bicycle pumps is smooth, so that the resistance when inflating is low, which saves work and inflates quickly. The outer hose can be bent arbitrarily, and the pump direction can be freely controlled
  • Bikes pumps with highly visible air pressure display: the LCD digital display with a built-in Li-ion MnO2 button cell can clearly display 4 tyre pressure modes PSI, KPA, BAR, KGF/m². The screen is wrapped with silica gel, which not only protects the screen, but also increases the friction force when pumping. 
  • The mini air pump can pump up to 120 PSI. The tyre pressure of mountain bikes is generally 30-90 PSI, road bikes 80-120 PSI, basketball 60 kPA
  • Tyre maintenance: driving under the right tyre pressure can improve driving comfort, driving performance and effectively reduce tyre wear. In different weather and road sections, the tyre pressure changes. If you choose this pump to keep the tyre pressure stable on a regular basis, you can avoid the risk of accidents such as punctures and wait the tyre
  • AV/DV/SV compatibility: the air pump with the air pressure indicator offers 3 types of valves of compatibility for Schrader valve car valve (AV) and Dunlop valve (DV) and French valve Presta valve Presta valve Sclaverand valve (SV). It can also be used frequently for inflating basketballs, footballs, balloons, swimming rings, inflatable cushions and tents
  • High-quality material: this mini bicycle pump is made of aluminium alloy and processed by CNC technology, making it more robust, lighter and more durable than traditional plastic pump. Valve connectors are corrosion resistant as the base materials are stainless steel, iron, alloy and plastic. The hose is made of a special temperature-resistant (-20~50°C) rubber, so it is not easy to break and damage


Product size: 

20.9 x 7.7 x 4.2 cm


Weight:  197 grams

Material: Stainless Steel, Rubber

Power source:  Corded Electric

Maximum pressure: 120 Pound per Square Inch


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Pressure Gauge Bike Pump for All Nozzles of Bicycle, Basketball, Air Cushion etc

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