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Dr. Rong's Unisex Anti-Aging Remove Wrinkles via Herbs Essence Concentrated Powder


4 Main Functions: 

  1. Remove Wrinkles  
  2. Reduce Puffiness 
  3. Up Lifting Skin 
  4. Whitening Face


  • Reduce or eradicate wrinkles on cheeks, Neck, Hands, Forehead, Decree line  around the mouth
  • Tighten loose saggy skin due to aging
  • Shrink or reduce sweat pores
  • Smooth and improved facial complexion
  • Pull out toxins, even skin tone
  • Get rid of acne, scars, and chapped Score
  • Bring back beautiful youth to your face




Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the five sense organs are the epitome or manifestation of the five internal organs inside human body. When a person is old or sick, function of the internal organs becomes weaker, the circulation of blood and energy circulation becomes more weaker and blocked, the body's Yin and Yang are imbalanced, and the residual harmful substances under the skin increase, so the facial skin will become sagging and darken, or wrinkles and spots appear.


This formula is based on the secret recipe from ancient Chinese Royal Court for beauty. It can accelerate the body's internal circulation, take away harm substances, provide nutrients for facial cells, and fundamentally change facial skin colour and condition.


The concentrated herb essence powder are dried from water extraction of the herbs, 10kg herbs normally can only get 1kg concentrated herb essence powder.



A bag 10g Sample, one-time use 2gram, so can use 5 times, ie 5 days.


Main Ingredient:

REN SHEN Radix Ginseng 
DONG CHONG XIAO CAO Sclerotium Cordyceps Chinensis 



  1.  Open the re-sealable small plastic bag (10 gram concentrated herb essence powder inside)
  2. Take out 2 flat spoons powder, (that is 1g), shake spoon to move extra amount.
  3. Put powder into a small bottle, and Add 1 spoon 1ml water, use brush or finger to stir  into paste.
  4. Apply on face and neck with brush or finger, put more on winkles.
  5. Keep 15-30 minutes. Use face steamer to keep herbs wet to increase obsorbing of skin, the longer time, the better effectiveness. (If you have no steamer, please cover face with a food cling film. Open a hole on nose and mouth. )
  6. It is be